Moody’s cuts Ireland rating to just above junk

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“The Fed’s asset holdings in the week ended April 13 climbed to $2.670 trillion, from $2.653 trillion a week earlier, it said in a weekly report released Thursday.

The Fed’s holdings of U.S. Treasury securities rose to $1.375 trillion on Wednesday, from $1.358 trillion the previous week.”

“The recent surge in oil prices is no prelude to broader price increases that would force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, top Fed officials said on Thursday in what appears to be the predominant view at the central bank.

The comments, from Minneapolis Fed President Narayana Kocherlakota and Fed Board Governor Elizabeth Duke, echoed recent remarks by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, adding to expectations the central bank will stay on course with its $600 billion debt-buying program through the end of June and will not look to reverse its super-easy monetary policy any time soon.

Daniel Tarullo, also a Fed governor, identified himself as in the same camp, saying there are no signs that higher overall inflation, spurred by surging energy and commodity prices, will translate to underlying inflation. Tarullo, answering questions while speaking on a panel in Washington, said commodity prices are notoriously volatile.”

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Moody’s cuts Ireland rating to just above junk

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