More U.S. soldiers on active duty committed suicide than died in combat last year, shocking new figures reveal

More American soldiers on active duty committed suicide than were killed in combat last year, with the suicide rate rising by nine per cent over the last three years.

177 soldiers on active duty killed themselves in 2012 – almost one suicide every other day – compared to 176 killed in action.

Department for Defense figures show in 2011 165 active soldiers committed suicide and 156 killed themselves in 2010.

‘An outrage’: More soldiers committed suicide this year than were killed in active service in Afghanistan. 177 killed themselves while on active duty while 176 died in combat

The number increases even further when the number of reserve soldier suicides are included.

In 2012 there have been 126 suicides reserve members of the army – an increase from 118 in 2011, official figures show. 

It means 303, in total, died as a result of suicide – almost one soldier a day.

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