Mother, 35, who choked and punched son, 3, while ‘high on bath salts’ dies after she is Tasered by cops

A woman who was allegedly high on bath salts as she choked and punched her three-year-old son has died after state troopers used a Taser to subdue her.

Pamela McCarthy, 35, went into cardiac arrest after the struggle with police at her apartment in Munnsville, New York and later died in hospital.

It is just the latest incident involving bath salts, an illegal synthetic drug believed to be behind a spate of violent attacks across the country.

Scene: Police Tasered a mother at her apartment (pictured) after she was beating her son and resisted arrest. She went into cardiac arrest and later died

Troopers in Madison County received a call at 7.45 p.m. on Tuesday that a woman was assaulting her child.

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As they made their way to the scene, police received calls that the woman was punching and choking the boy and attacking a neighbour, CNY Central reported.

When they arrived, they found McCarthy was ‘violently combative’ and apparently under the influence of the illegal synthetic drug, police said.

Trooper Christopher Budlong tried to arrest the woman, but she resisted.

In an attempt to subdue McCarthy, Budlong used his police-issued pepper spray, but to no effect.

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