Motive for Sandy Hook Massacre – Money and Gov Contracts MIC

just as Chertof was connected to
the underwear bomber so the gov
could pass the TSA Law and Chertof
made millions off TSA Scanners

so we find the same deal with Sandy Hook.

GE has just announced a revolutionary
new multiple sensor RFID Chip but there
is no market for it

not unless you make the public fear
for their lives and the gov passes
gun laws that say that you have to get
your gun chipped BY LAW.

then the stockholders of GE create
a world wide market for their product.

And guess how GE is connected to Sandy Hook.
Peter Lanza who works for GE.

can you say false flag with money profits
as motive ??? I knew you could.

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So when Obama passes his gun law that
requires you to have your gun chipped,
please remember this thread and who is
making the profits and how they are connected
to the false flag Psy-Op known as Sandy Hook.


it’s not about taking your guns.
it’s about chipping them.


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