MSM: WW3/Economic Collapse; Behind the Scenes: BRICS-Global Currency/One World Government-AND: UN’s Radical Restructuring of Human Civilization

This is what’s coming behind the scenes of all the events playing out (NK war games, Economic Downturn & Impending Crash, Eurozone Dominoes Falling, etc.):

The governments and dictatorships ruling over the so-called BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — agreed to set up a new world bank that analysts say could further marginalize the increasingly unstable U.S. dollar, possibly helping to eventually dethrone it as the global reserve currency. Meeting in Durban, South Africa, last week at their fifth annual summit, the socialist and communist-minded BRICS regimes also announced their support for creating a new world currency and full-fledged global governance. 

Other top priorities outlined in the final agreement, dubbed the “eThekwini Declaration,” include promoting global so-called “sustainable development,” which according to the United Nations entails a radical restructuring of human civilization.

Also key on the list of BRICS rulers’ demands: further centralization of power in the hands of the UN, more government meddling in the economy, ramped up attacks on national sovereignty, increased power for Third World dictators on the global stage, and much more.

Aside from a planetary fiat currency and central bank, the erection of a true world government was at the heart of BRICS regimes’ machinations outlined in their final agreement.

” Based on the UN “Human Rights” Council, which includes many of the most ruthless mass-murderers on Earth, the BRICS regimes may be doing OK. In reality, however, the regimes are some of the most barbarian governments in the world. 

In China, for example, with UN assistance, the self-styled Communist Party dictatorship terrorizes its population through forced abortions to enforce its “one-child policy.” Savage persecution of Christians and political opposition, harvesting of body organs from dissidents, concentration camps for critics, mass slaughter, failed central planning, and more, have become the norm. Indeed, the Chinese Communist Party state is responsible for the deaths of over 50 million innocents — probably more, not including hundreds of millions of unborn children — making it the single worst mass-murdering entity in human history.

In South Africa, the world’s most prominent expert on genocide, Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, has warned that the ruling African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP) regime may be linked to the ongoing slaughter of Afrikaners. The end goal, according to Genocide Watch and other reliable sources, is to establish a Marxist dictatorship while eliminating all European-descent South Africans and other potential opposition forces.

Brazilian troops wearing UN insignias, meanwhile, were recently exposed brutally evicting whole towns at gun point as part of a massive, ongoing federal land grab.

Of course, Russian authorities have a well-deserved reputation as ruthless gangsters who murder and pillage with impunity. The socialist-minded rulers of India, meanwhile, have been accused of involvement in Western-backed eugenics programs, not to mention keeping the country in perpetual poverty through half-baked big-government policies.

If their vision of global governance under the UN and so-called “human rights” were to become a reality, the world and its peoples would suffer immensely, according to critics.

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‘New economic world order’

The U.S. military shift comes as the so-called BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – seek to create a monetary system to rival and even surpass the West.

While it received little U.S. media attention, last week at its fifth annual summit the BRICS group unveiled what it said was a new development bank aimed at breaking the monopoly held by Western-backed institutions.

The bank would use $50 billion of seed capital shared equally between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa but would clearly be dominated by China. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave support for the bank while India’s trade minister said BRICS will “have a defining influence on the global order of this century.”

“It’s done,” said Pravin Gordhan, South African Finance Minister, last Tuesday, adding that “we made very good progress” on the formation of a World Bank-analogue development agency

Iran’s Press TV described the deal this way: “The BRICS bank will present an alternative solution to the Western-dominated global banking system comprised of the Bretton Woods institutions – the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Press TV reported, “BRICS members say the current global balance of power is unworkable, with institutions such as the WB, the IMF and the United Nations Security Council irrelevant in addressing matters concerning global economics.”

Under the deal, the two largest economies of the emerging power groups, China and Brazil, agreed to remove nearly half of their trade exchanges out of the U.S. dollar zone – a significant blow to the U.S. dollar.

The New American:

“Aside from a planetary fiat currency and central bank, the erection of a true world government was at the heart of BRICS regimes’ machinations outlined in their final agreement.”

The publication pointed out the BRICS declaration at the end of last week’s summit included, “We reiterate our strong commitment to the United Nations (UN) as the foremost multilateral forum entrusted with bringing about hope, peace, order and sustainable development to the world.”

BRICS clearly sees a reshaped economic world in which government-run companies play a significant role.

“We acknowledge the important role that State Owned Companies (SOCs) play in the economy and encourage our SOCs to explore ways of cooperation, exchange of information and best practices,” the declaration states.

Another development that will crash the US stock market and weaken the US:

UN optimistic about BRICS’ development bank

“One way to do that is to create a new financial instrument, instead of putting money in the stock markets in New York or London. Through the creation of this bank, the five governments will get higher returns for their citizens,” Malik said at the UN China headquarters in Beijing on Thursday.

Other financial experts have been supportive of the idea, saying a foreign reserve bank jointly managed by BRICS nations will effectively lessen the impact of currency fluctuation, for example, quantitative easing, in countries like the United States and Japan.

Trade between China and Africa was two billion dollars in 1999, and touched 200 billion last year.




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