MSNBC IN TROUBLE. Trump attorney challenges Scarborough to prove Trump team is behind tax leak

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney on Wednesday challenged MSNBC host Joe Scarborough to prove his assertion that the “Trump camp” was behind the leak of two pages from the president’s 2005 tax returns.

Another MSNBC host, the commentator Rachel Maddow, devoted her show on Tuesday night to the returns, which showed that Trump paid about $38 million in federal income taxes on $150 million in income in 2005, after writing off more than $100 million in losses. After Maddow publicized her plans to detail some Trump tax returns on Twitter ahead of the show, the White House released a statement acknowledging as much.

Rachel Maddow Net Worth Net Worth:
$12.5 Million
Source of Wealth Television
Birth Place Castro Valley, California, United States
Marital Status In a relationship (Susan Mikula)
Full Name Rachel Anne Maddow
Nationality American

1. will trump sue.

2. will msnbc defend her?

3. will she be replaced?



h/t Goneviral


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  • Joe Blow

    “1. will trump sue.

    2. will msnbc defend her?

    3. will she be replaced?”

    4. Does anyone really care about her?

  • medicis

    have detested her since her days on Air America…… what a waste of protoplasm.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    I record Morning Joe to see what the other ZioCON controlled media will be pushing for the rest of the day. Because I can’t stand the blathering idiots, I FAST FORWARD through the program and READ THE BIG TAGS at the bottom of the screen. Try it. In 10 minutes you’ll know what LIES will be pushed at you for the rest of the day by the Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer types.

  • PJ London

    I am sick and tired of the wild over exaggeration of people like Mitch in their Twitter feed.
    ‘Enough to feed O’Donnel for 7 days’. Everyone knows that $38 million would only feed Rosie for 4 days!
    Unless she was on a diet, in which case it might stretch to 5 days.
    It is wild statements like his that make the Alt Right a laughing stock.
    Tell the truth Mitch!

  • Alberto

    Two pages of a tax return? Form 1040??? Individual Income Tax Return??? Would not ‘The Donald’ file form 1120 Corporate Income Tax Return??? As for Ms. Madcow she is a talking hand puppet. Whoever thought up this little two pages of President Trump’s 1040 Tax Return should get a big bonus. Our so called independent press in its quest for being first takes another shot right in the chops. Did the press even bother to validate the President’s signature? The Free Press once more hoisted upon its own collective petard. ROTFLMFAO

    More bread and circus please.

  • cold340t

    Well, since Propaganda is Legal INSIDE the USA. Pres.Trump won’t be able to sue. Fake News is LEGAL according to a Florida Judge. In a case brought by Fox Nuez Reporters. They lost, and lying IS LEGAL.
    Will he fix this situation for US ALL or just Himself?

  • Anti Everything

    How is this a ‘problem’ worthy of the TV entertainment news programs interest? How is this anything but a ‘thing’ for Trumps attorney? Is there not better, more important issues that we can be informed on like the various fucking WARS we are STILL ESCALATING, or vaccine lies, banking fraud, and so on?

  • desertspeaks

    I have been lead to believe that MADCOW had been eradicated from the US