Muslims Fight Australia For Separate Country, CANADA IS NEXT

Muslims want their own Country Within Australia. Even Muslims secular living in Australia are afraid. Canada, because of its Weak Stupid Prime Minister Justin Trudeau And Stupid Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffery. Liberalism have confused these idiots and cannot decipher that Muslims cannot live in Civilized Nation. When I say this it’s Islamophobia. But When Muslims believe and taught at young age that other religions such as Christians, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu and Sikhism are all false and haram, that is not hate nor it’s religious phobia by Muslims.



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  • Godzilla17

    Australia needs to wake up fast and get their act together while you still can. Ban funding of Islam from all foreign sources. End Moslem immigration. Most of them wont thank you for your tolerance. Australian laws must take precedence over Sharia law. If Moslems dont like that deport them. Let them go home to where the laws are more to their liking.