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Must-Read News – 9/19/11 – Berlin mayor: centre-left has “tailwind” to oust Merkel; European Central Banks Are Net Buyers of Gold in 2011, FT Says

Just a few headlines:

  1. European Central Banks Are Net Buyers of Gold in 2011, FT Says
  2. Bernanke Joins King Tolerating Inflation to Revice Economy
  3. Bank chief: Italy faces default risk
  4. Fund Withdrawals Top Lehman as $75B Pulled
  5. German banks need 127 billion euros of more capital: report
  6. Obama Deficit Plan to Call for $1.5 Trillion in Taxes
  7. U.K. Deficit May Be 12 Billion Pounds More Than Estimated: FT
  8. Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts
  9. Greece must shrink state to avoid default: lenders
  10. Berlin mayor: centre-left has “tailwind” to oust Merkel
  11. Italian Cuts Negative for Local Governments, Moody’s Says
  12. Toronto committee to debate $100M in service cuts
  13. Moody’s stays negative on states, local governments
  14. Six-figure pensions for retired South Florida city employees costing taxpayers millions
  15. Japanese Panel Calls for $146 Billion Tax Increase
  16. Euro Weakens as Finance Chiefs Fail to Offer Plan for Greece; Dollar Gains
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