MUST SEE America Being Invaded From the South Border – Dennis Michael Lynch

Fox News They Are Coming To America 2013


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    I was in Hermosillo, Mexico awhile back, and passed by a large parking lot full of hundreds of people, who were in the ongoing process of loading up in the back of large, open trucks. When I asked my interpreter what all those people were doing, he said: “those are future Americans, headed to the border to cross over”. The really disturbing part of the whole scene, was that of all the people I saw, only about half of them appeared to be Hispanic, while the rest appeared to be Arab and Chinese.

    We are being invaded folks, and while the government is looking at American citizens in John Deere hats as terrorists, the real terror is coming across our border in a continuous wave. If you want to see what America is being transformed into, just go down to Mexico and look around. Mexico used to be a relatively peaceful place with friendly people for the most part. Now, there is an atmosphere of fear there, with rampant violent crime, people getting their heads cut off constantly and a shocking level of poverty that is much worse than it ever was before. The people are now sandwiched between the drug cartels and the fascist Mexican government, and preyed on by both….very sad.