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MUST SEE VIDEOS: Evidence of Pandemic being Engineered thru use of Chem-Trail Dispersion & HAARP-Activation

TOP SECRET Mission – Chemtrail Pilots SPRAYING BLOOD

3 near mid-air collisions because tankers spraying chem-trails had their transponders off.


Water-soluble toxins of Aspergillus can be highly carcinogenic…species are known killers…the public can not be expected to distinguish..

Aspergillosis is an infection, primarily affecting the lungs, resulted from fungus, called aspergillus. The Aspergillus fungus is usually found on food, around the house, on the body, and in compost heaps. Some individuals have allergic reactions to the fungus.

Aspergillosis happens when the aspergillus bacteria on a body surface invades the deeper tissue, such as lung or ears, especially in individuals with bronchitis or tuberculosis. Aspergilloma (fungus ball) may grow in the lung. The ball consists of white blood cells, blood clotting fibers, and tangled fungus fibers mass. It slowly enlarges and destroys lung tissue in the process.

Aspergillus meningitis: A rare clinical manifestation of central nervous system aspergillosis. Case report and review of 92 cases

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Hypoxia enhances innate immune activation to Aspergillus fumigatus through cell wall modulation

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