MUST WATCH: The ASSASSINATION of Michael Hastings: Hours Before His Death Hastings Contacted Wikileaks Attorney Said FBI Was Investigating Him

June 19, 2013 Current TV News


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  • Arizona

    WHAT he ment was they were following him looking for a chance to kill him,thats what the FBI does best ,outside of killing someones children to kidnap or murder,a british gang of killers in america THE FBI, THE BRITISH MUST BE PROUD…………………………

  • RassMann

    Clearly, the FBI, CIA and other such agencies figured out a long time ago that to keep the citizens of ‘the home of the brave’ in abject terror is job security. E.g., we already know that ‘the land of the free’ has more people in jails and prisons, both per capita and in sum, than any other country on the planet. This, in large part, because it spends $50 billion a year to protect us from ‘drug fiends’, mostly pot smokers. Yet, out of the other side of its coffers, many multiples of that have been spent to keep Afghanistan safe for poppy growers. Recall that the Taliban had eradicated opium, but the invasion quickly brought Afghanistan back to its number 1 narco-state status.

    In other words, the ‘powers that be’ are working both sides of a huge protection racket. They ensure a flow of drugs so that their lucrative ‘war on drugs’ can continue unabated; they finance and protect real terrorists while framing the patsies so that a fearful populace will demand more ‘security’; indeed, they manufacture and/or support whatever else they hope we will perceive as dangerous and threatening… and laugh as the sheeple clamor to finance their sham fights against it.