“Egypt – The Next President” New Islamist Group Taking Up Arms & Threatens Violence to Impose Sharia Law

This 12 years old boy is just stunningly, incredibly smart. Listen to him as he excruciates the Muslim Brotherhood, relentlessly dissecting their power grab for Egypt.

Battles with rocks, knives, guns kill dozens in Egypt

The battle over who should lead the country and which government reflects the democratic will of the people may spill into the streets again Saturday.

One side is fighting for the reinstatement of Egypt’s first freely elected president, Mohamed Morsy, whom the military forcefully removed from office Wednesday. The other applauds the military and is fighting to keep out Morsy over allegations his government was getting closer to autocratic rule.

Each side accuses the other of thwarting democracy. By the thousands, they have filled public squares nationwide, at times confronting one another with deadly violence.

On Friday, the conflict left 30 people dead as supporters of Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood he once headed clashed with his opponents and security forces. At least 1077 more were injured, Egypt’s health ministry said Saturday.

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RIYADH – A new Islamist group has announced its formation in Egypt, calling the army’s ousting of President Mohamed Morsy a declaration of war on its faith and threatening to use violence to impose Islamic law.

Ansar al-Shariah in Egypt said it would gather arms and start training its members, in a statement posted on an online forum for militants in the country’s Sinai region on Friday and recorded by the SITE Monitoring organization.


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