‘My evil boyfriend raped me in my sleep for TWO YEARS’: Victim was sedated by police officer’s son who even took pictures as he abused her

  • Twisted Robert Fryer took photographs of his revolting acts and saved them on his computer
  • Naomi Hampson only discovered she was a victim when police raided their home

A terrified woman has revealed her disgust at discovering her boyfriend of two years had repeatedly raped her while she slept.

Naomi Hampson, 27, only found out she had regularly fallen victim to sick Robert Fryer when police raided the couple’s home.

Her perverted boyfriend would sedate her and often paint her nails and dress her in jewellery before taking photographs of his revolting acts and saving them on his computer.

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Miss Hampson said: ‘I’m disgusted when I think about what he did. It makes me feel dirty and completely violated. Not remembering anything makes it worse.

‘It is so sinister all that time I was living with someone capable of that. He has no emotion. He is evil. And if the police hadn’t found out I could have still been living with him. It’s terrifying.’


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