My short take on North Korea and World Events – We are close to SERIOUS problems.

My Short Take on North Korea and World Events

Let me start out by saying that I think many people are being extremely naive when it comes to the potential effects of a war with North Korea. Few people, including Western intelligence services, really know the full extent of the North Korean capabilities.

We do know a few essential facts:

1) They have a huge standing army that has been raised from birth completely influenced by govt propaganda. Unlike Western Countries these people WORSHOP their leaders
almost like they are Gods. There is total and complete dedication and they will die, happily, without question.

2) North Korea is a nuclear power. How many weapons have they actually built and where did they put them? Sure, they might not have perfect ICBMs and the ability to
place a nuclear warhead on a missile… true… but they certainly have SUBS big enough to carry them.

3) They have borders with China, Russia and South Korea. If there was a nuclear attack against NK radiation is sure to end up in all 3 countries… and many more.

4) North Korea has an unbelievable amount of missiles and artillery that can (and will) rain down on South Korea (all conventional)

5) North Korea has been backed into a corner by the UN (proxy of US interests)

6) North Korea has a new young leader with a lot to prove.

7) In addition to the standing army they have a huge reserve army. Their reserve army is basically every woman, man and child living there whom are all brainwashed
into total loyalty and actually believe that it is their God given duty to reunify the Koreas.

8) China has a standing defense agreement with North Korea.

These are just some important facts. Now there are many people here that have bought into the “America can destroy anyone by snapping their fingers”. Well this is true and false
at the same time. Sure, the U.S. could totally destroy NK with nuclear weapons but by doing so would guarantee the same to happen to her land as well. Why? Because you would
be basically totally blanket China with radiation. You think the Chinese would just say “Oh thank you for all the nice radiation?”. Hell no. They would attack us using the
same type of weapons. From there it will just totally spiral out of control. America is forced into fighting NK with conventional weapons unless they want to basically start WW3.

Here is a potential example war plan. It would be effective and create a shitstorm of epic proportions.

1) NK places a few nuclear warheads into their subs. Say 4 of them and send them away to the shores of the U.S. — Sure you will say they can’t launch a nuke tipped missile
into a U.S. city… perhaps true perhaps not, do we really know what they have obtained from China/Russia/PK over the years? Even if they could not they most certainly
could simply just surface in any of our ports (think California, Tampa, next to D.C., New England harbors, etc) and light up that device. Sure they loose the sub and
the crew but one thing is for sure, it would cause INSTANT chaos inside the U.S. A collapsing U.S. From the inside would totally disrupt external war operations.

2) They have a tunnel complex like no other (for internal C&C) and also tunnel systems directly into SK. They could pour into SK like angry ants from a disturbed
fire ant pile. Nobody would not be able to stop them.

3) They have an unreal number of missiles and artillery they would rain down on the SK capital. Millions would die including 10’s of thousands of U.S. Soldiers.

4) They have AA batteries basically on every block. Short of extremely high altitude operations any aircraft operating in NK airspace will have a nightmare to deal with constantly.

If NK wanted they could start with an opening wave basically setting the SK capital totally on fire and set the country into instant chaos. Immediately followed by occupation of
SK. Then what? Attack SK to get at the NK troops? Kill all the SK citizens? It is now on the streets.

If the U.S. was to respond with nuclear weapons the NK subs could all surface and strike.

At this point the US would be in total internal collapse. Hell it is already in major financial trouble barely keeping things together in the financial markets as it is
and there is nothing like this going on.

And here is the kicker…. I said NOTHING so far about Russia or China getting involved. It also says nothing of a total shitstorm igniting in the Middle East to take total
advantage of the major mess we would be finding ourselves in with Korea.

You need to be very careful what you hope for as being a naive fool and hoping for someone to strike NK with nukes is essentially calling for your own possible death.

Of everything that has taken place in the past couple of decades this is the one that carries the most risk. The US has been rolling around the planet with a big stick using its conventional war machine toys to pick on countries that were basically forced to
stand alone and didn’t really stand a chance… but one thing was true about them all… we have never picked on a country that has NUCLEAR WEAPONS. The U.S. might have
won the “battles” in the Middle East but they did so at what cost? A bankrupt country with a failing economy. The power vacuum that will be caused in the Middle East when the
U.S. goes tits up (because of financial collapse or chaos by a NK attack similar to what I described above) will result in a planet with a totally changed power structure.

The U.S. is basically held together now with Duct tape and band-aids. The economy is totally failing and the govt is reacting to what they can see coming already by doing
things like passing the Patriot Act, NDAA, going after firearms as if rabid… this is all to deal with the coming severe problems that will come even in the ABSENCE of a major
conflict. The U.S. Is a HUGE country and they will have nowhere near the resources to keep internal order… not even close. If we end up in a nuclear exchange all bets are off. You might wake one day to find yourself living in the U.S. with a totally failed govt that is side by side
with a totally failed internal structure… then what comes?

Be careful what you hope for as in my opinion a war breaking out with NK could be the fast track to being vaporized in a fireball or living a few years down the road
under a govt that would be reminiscent of the prior Soviet Union or Communist China at the peak of its oppression…. or worse.

I am not a religious man at all but in this particular case I pray that war with North Korea does not happen as I see it is the potential strike of the tinder box
that ignites a shitstorm that you will never forget, that is if you end up living through it by not being blow to shit, starve or be gunned down by invading troops or your
own govt at a later day.

The world is on a knifes edge.




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