Mysterious smell in Quincy MA – Same Town that has Mysterious aircraft flying around

‘Unbearable’ smell in Quincy a mystery

Living so close the ocean, residents at The Moorings at Squantum Gardens are used to the full spectrum of sea scents
wafting over to their building.

“Maybe occasionally you get bad smells, but it was never this constant, six weeks of this now,” said Don Duggan, who’s
lived in the apartment community for seniors since it opened in 2007. “You can smell it walking the hallway.”

The mysterious odor – a potent mix of sulfur and rotten eggs – hits the nose at the intersection of Quincy Shore Drive and
East Squantum Street. The city has hired chemists from UMass Boston to test water samples for the presence of any bacteria
that could contain clues about the smell’s origin.

“The city immediately took bacteria samples to see if it was sewage; those tests came back negative,” city spokesman
Christopher Walker said. “But we’re still waiting to determine exactly what it is.”

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QUINCY (CBS) – A mystery in Quincy continues to deepen: Who is flying around the city from dusk to dawn, for the past ten days or so?

“It’s frightening, not just weird, but frightening,” said one resident of the Wollaston section.

Every night for nearly the last two weeks, residents have spotted a low-flying aircraft doing loops over the city. WBZ has learned the FAA knows what’s going on, but the agency isn’t telling.

“I mean it is strange. I don’t know if they’re looking for somebody, I have no idea,” one resident told WBZ.


Here is another article on the low-flying planes, posted today:

Slow Saturday Special: Quincy Has Questions 

This week’s lightning and rain has brought some relief, but Quincy residents worry that the drone of small planes flying
overhead will soon return.

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Residents say that since late April, they have suffered from the sound of low-flying planes, which are making continuous
loops above their homes through the day and night. And government officials will not say who is flying the planes or why.

“It was every six minutes this loop would take, and it’s doing this arch,” said Michael Gundersen, who lives in
Wollaston. “But when it’s doing a turn, it would get louder, every six minutes for hours on end.”

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There is a news video you can watch here:

Sources tell WBZ that the aircraft is not a drone, that it is manned. FAA spokesman Jim Peters would only say, “We have to be very careful this time” concerning information.


Mystery Planes Getting Around

A mysterious Delaware company’s single-engine light aircraft may soon be circling the sky near you.

Last year, residents of Lodi, California noticed a tiny Cessna 182 moving in slow circles over their small town, just circling and circling for at least a month.

The Lodi News-Sentinel got a hold of a picture of the mystery plane, checked its tail number with the FAA and traced it to the Northwest Aircraft Leasing Corp. in Newark, Delaware. The listed address, reporters found, was a mail drop.

The plane was spotted shortly after the FBI moved in on suspected al Qaeda associates living in the area.

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The Patriot Ledger reported 2 months ago, in March, that a “sewer plant near the Spinnaker Island Causeway was knocked
out early Feb. 28 by a sudden surge of water that overwhelmed pumps and flooded the plant’s basement.”

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