National Immigration Sweep… Federal Authorities Raided and Shutdown 7-Eleven Stores… Store-owners Used Social Security Numbers of Children and Dead People on the Workers’ Paystubs


NY, Va. 7-Eleven stores raided as part of US probe

Nine owners and managers of 7-Eleven stores on Long Island and in Virginia were charged on Monday in a scheme to exploit immigrants from Pakistan, including some business-owners who used Social Security numbers of children and dead people on the workers’ paystubs.

Most of the defendants were arrested early Monday as federal authorities raided 14 franchise stores.Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were inspecting other stores across the country for similar infractions.

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7-Eleven pulls out of Columbus, closing its 3 stores near Ohio State campus

Though the world’s largest convenience store chain – more than 10,000 in North America and 50,000 worldwide – and an iconic brand, the Dallas-based company didn’t have much of a footprint in Columbus with all three stores concentrated around Ohio State University at 1574 Kenny Road, 352 W. Lane Ave. and 1551 N. High St.

All have been gutted and signs removed. The Kenny Road site also was a gas station.


National immigration sweep leads to shut down of 7-Eleven stores in Greenport, Cutchogue

“[The arrests are part of] an ongoing federal criminal investigation,” said ICE public affairs director Vincent Picard from his office in Atlanta. He said the investigation deals with the “emplyoment of aliens.”

Customers at both 7-Elevens were being turned away by police Monday morning. Other agencies, including the Suffolk County police are involved in the investigation, which is being led by ICE, Mr. Picard said.



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