Nazi Government did not fall – was transferred to America – WW3

ww3 is coming.The Nazi’s and Soviet’s never fell but have infiltrated our government and now work towards the goal of ww3. The entire world had always been controlled by the elite bankers and aristocrats. WW3 is upon our door. WW3 being won, there will be complete control by electronic surveillance and an absolute authority. They will have this final control after ww3.


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  • Sooriamoorthy

    Nazism transferred to America?

    • Daruka Jones

      Google Operation PaperClip

  • Dave Mende

    What an incredible pile of horseshit is this article. America committed firebomb genocide against the German people, and now you want US to believe the National Socialist elite chose to serve ZOG. This is a hideous and disgusting joke perpetrated upon the readers of this Blog.//In truth in 1990 the Bolshevik Communists of Russia changed their spots and became the Bolshevik Capitalists of London. US lives under the Iron Fist of “The Crown of London.” That’s the truth. You know now. Deal with it.

  • Robin Phillips

    You would need a negative iq to swallow this garbage.

  • Paul

    NAZI = National Socialist party + Zionist International
    instead of being blatantly ignorant do some REAL research.

    • Raul

      Nazi = the last country to kick the Jews out and attempt to destroy the Jewish banking system.

  • Pravda01

    Right on the spot! America is the continuation of the Third Reich.

    • Pop Simons.

      Yes, that’s right. The Nazis were right into Black, Communist leaders, flogging the countries assets off to the Jews, bankrupting their own people, mass immigration, letting Jewry run their country, letting the Jewish banks control their currency, destroying the family, feeding their children poison, supplying shitty Israel billions every year. Of course they were you bell-end.

  • Daruka Jones

    Zionism is NOT Judaism. Without their HollowCause there would be no Israel.

  • Jeff

    Ha, ha, ha! This is the best left-wing nonsense I have heard for ages.

    If organized Jewry should ever get a foot-hold in Amerika, either
    politically or financially, a nation with such vast resources but such
    little intellect. It will end up resembling a stricken child with
    elephantitis, a mushroon nation, destroyed, before it has even reached
    full maturity.


  • Ted

    When ever you hear or see the term ” Nazi”, brace yourself for yet more
    bold-faced lies. From the absurd claim that Hitler disarmed the German people, when he lifted the firearm restrictions imposed by his political opponents of the Weiner republic, arming Germans to the teeth to the gas chamber nonsense.

  • sniz

    NAZI does not = National Socialist Party
    NAZI = AshkaNAZI

  • pool lice

    Merely the same old sociopaths at work they gravitate towards positions of power, promote their own kind and before society can react they are gaining their high in life dominating and destroying people, and blaming normal minded folks of course, or jews or whomever this time. Reversing the field in the hopes of not being seen, and hating forever those who can and always have been able to see clearly what and who they are. Gaining ground always with new recruits. Same old same old.

  • Robbie Cheney

    Had it not been for Hitler’s ‘lebensraum’ the world may have been very different today. It’s up to us…