Negative Interest Rates COMING SOON! – Bankers Prepare For The Cashless Society!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the incremental push for a cashless society following the warnings of Kenneth Rogoff, a globalist economist who’s championed the cause of a centrally planned cashless system, most notably with his book “The Curse of Cash” which was praised by Ben Bernanke.

Rogoff recently warned that we must prepare for negative interest rates “in the next recession”.

The fact is, this coming crash will be far worse than a recession. This will be the end of the fiat system, so long as we learn to not repeat destructive history.

Negative interest rates have been warned of by the likes of people like Ron Paul for more than a decade. While he was called crazy at the time, he is vindicated as we look down the barrel of negative interest rates. There’s no other possibility when we see the 5.5% drop in interest rates following the last recession and the minimal interest rate hikes we’ve seen since. There’s nowhere to go but down below zero. The force of this crash will make the 2008 recession seem like dust in the wind. The coming crash will be a hurricane on an epic scale.

The unfortunate prevailing centrally planned cashless society growing in size and scope in China, India, Australia, Sweden and Canada is incredibly dangerous to free humanity and individualism.

If your money’s in the bank, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s. If your money’s ALWAYS going through the bank via legal tend laws, centralization with digital transactions, you don’t hold your money, it’s NEVER your money, it’s ALWAYS the bank’s and you’re in perfect servitude to the bank which ensures your subservience as you are shoved further into debt. Every transaction you make is watched and as India unveils the Adhar system which takes retina scans and Sweden unveils RFID chipping, we are close with each day to the mark of the beast, the Orwellian society we’ve all been warning about for so long.

The plans are laid out and more obvious than ever. It comes down to you educating yourself and being financially and individually responsible. Will you ensure your own preparations? Or will you wait until it’s too late?