“Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”. Will the current situation in Texas be the excuse to use the State Emergency Health Powers Act?

Something to think about.
Below is just some of it’s provisions:

Broad Definitions

A “public health emergency” can be declared not only for bioterrorism attacks, but also for epidemics, pandemic disease or natural disasters.

The terms “epidemic disease”, “pandemic disease” and “natural disaster” are not defined, leaving public health officials ample room for their own interpretation.

There are no limits on the number or types of tests that can be performed on individuals, or on the bodily specimens that can be collected. DNA and genetic testing are not excluded.

Loss of Civil Rights

Although due process is allowed, the Act permits state officials to identify and train personnel to serve as “emergency judges” to deal with citizen appeals of forced quarantine and isolation. Such training may be biased.

Citizens are required to submit to medical examinations, vaccinations, and quarantine against their will if a public health emergency is declared.

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Public health officials are given authority to “collect specimens and perform tests on any person” even if they are healthy with no history of exposure to disease.

Health care professionals who refuse to provide forced medical examinations or vaccinations can be charged with a misdemeanor.

Citizens who refuse to comply can be detained and charged with a misdemeanor.

Police officers will be placed under the authority of health department officials.

State Control

Public health officials can assume control of hospital and clinic operations.

State control of communication facilities, food distribution, fuel supply, and real estate is authorized.

State rationing of food, fuel, clothing, alcohol, firearms, and other commodities is authorized.

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