New DARPA AI software carves up American cities into combat zones…

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Ten years ago DARPA started funding the Combat Zones That See (CTS) project, which aims to ´track everything that moves´ within a city through a massive network of surveillance cameras linked to a centralized computer system. Groundbreaking artificial intelligence software is being used in the project to identify and track all movement within cities, which constitutes Big Brother as a reality. The computer software supporting the CTS is capable of automatically identifying vehicles and provides instant alerts after detecting a vehicle with a license plate on a watch list. The software is also able to analyze the video footage and to distinguish ´normal´ from ´abnormal´ behavior, as well as to discover links between ´places, subjects and times of activity´ and to identify patterns. With the use of this software, the CTS constitute the world´s first multi-camera surveillance system which is capable of automatically analyzing video footage.


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