New Flu that causes hemorrhagic Fever and organ failure now in Germany – Undiagnosed illness – respiratory, fatal; Biohazard level: 4/4 Hazardous!!!

A 49 year old policeman is dead, 5 other persons are ill and doctors are puzzled by this mysterious disease just outside of Hamburg. Andreas Breitner, Minister of the Interior, confirmed to the “Schleswig Holstein newspaper” the death of the 49-year-old policeman at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) on Tuesday (9 Apr 2013), after multi-organ failure. Another policeman, aged 38 years is in critical condition. He is suffering from similar flu symptoms, including severe pneumonia. A teacher from the Schacht Audorf area near Rendsburg has also died of multi-organ failure in the UKE, and according to unconfirmed reports, 3 other persons from the same region are seriously ill. All are suffering from flu-like symptoms but the doctors do not know what disease is affecting them.

Biohazard name: Undiagnosed illness – respiratory, fatal

Biohazard level:4/4 Hazardous


Hamburg – A policeman (49) is dead Five more people to be ill. And the doctors are faced with a puzzle, given a mysterious illness series just outside Hamburg.


A man from the Emirates died in Munich, he had the corona virus.

Mann erliegt in München dem Coronavirus

Ein Patient aus den Arabischen Emiraten ist in München am Coronavirus gestorben. Es ist der erste Todesfall durch den Krankheitserreger in Deutschland. Für die Bevölkerung soll keine Gefahr bestehen.

München: Mann stirbt nach Coronavirus-Infektion

Erneut ist ein Patient an dem gefährlichen Coronavirus gestorben. In einer Münchner Klinik erlag der 73-Jährige der Infektion mit dem neuartigen Erreger. Er war zur Behandlung aus Abu Dhabi eingeflogen worden – litt aber bereits an einer Vorerkrankung. Ärzte rätseln weiter, wie sich das Virus verbreitet.





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