New Incredible Footage Shot Inside of Tornado – Tornado Intercept Vehicle Hit By WEDGE Tornado in Kansas HD VIDEO!

For those that have never been inside a tornado….this is what it looks like.

Tornado Tank!

This is Reid Timmers “Dominator” vehicle. This must be Dominator 3.

The Dominator 3 will protect Reed from grapefruit sized hail, cat 5 hurricanes with wind gusts up to 200 mph and direct hits by tornados up to F3 on the original Fujita scale.


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  • DerekJR321

    Sean Casey is awesome. So glad he finally was able to get this shot. I know he got one for the IMAX film.. but this one is a million times better.

  • TheHindu Times

    This is not the dominator. This is the TIV. This is not Reed Timmer, this is Sean Casey.

  • Davidski

    I recall seeing the IMAX expeditions and other documentaries and they were intense, but this, this takes the cake, that is just pure unadulterated power from ground zero of one of the most destructive forces on the surface of our planet. Brilliant.