New Signs One Of America’s Biggest Unions Is In Trouble – Union Crisis? – America Live

AFL-CIO Goes On Recruiting Tear!
New Signs One Of America’s Biggest Unions Is In Trouble – Union Crisis? – America Live


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  • hvaiallverden

    I am a Union man, and a firm beliver in cooperation is this aspects of life.
    And the Unions truned their backs of the base of their existence, the worker. An Union is in its core, a union of all classes, religions and creed/collor, no expetions what so ever.
    In this evirioment, its the value of producing/manufactoring, the basics of welth in a comp. have been demonised, by the very same press that have served bollocs for decades/centurys. In the Nordic countrys there is a three-3- part system, where the parts with the gov. agrees on the future premisses of our nation and/or the local working place.
    A supousedly fear ballanced axiom.
    But this have been altered by many Provos and actors inside the unions to guide it into Politics, and jave then made hughe errors and have moustly, even in My country been highjacked by Pioiticians, and since decades lost its real focus, to be the part that lakes the Worker to have its say in the work place.

    I dont want to point fingers on anyone, I know of farmers that hires people, some pay good, some pay lousy, but for the workers its hughe.
    And in this, they gett deasent workers, in a system where everyone is bennefitting. And this is the clue, because the revenue is belived to, and this so caled capitalism fallacy is so hammered into your mind that this solely and exusevly belonges to the owner. by the virtue of owning it all, and have all the rights to do what They want.
    This is Fascism, plain and simple.

    The union, represents the opositt force, the counter Ballance.

    Thats the reason for Unions.
    Take them back and be pisst, and belive me, even in my land, nothing have comed for free,absolutely nothing camed for free, people have bleed for it.