New York Booms & Shakes Exposed! Reports 100 miles away of each other at the same time! More bullshit cover ups USGS will never admit!

Here are two reports I’m going to quote from both

Jamestown, N.Y.
Jan 13th, Sunday evening:

“Loud boom shakes southern tier,
Our viewers report seeing and feeling something between 6:15 and 6:45 in the evening.
Others say they actually felt tremors. One woman in Jamestown reported her house shook.
As of 8:00 p.m, the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center had received several dozen calls.”

Gorham, N.Y.
Jan 13th, Sunday evening:

“Mysterious booms puzzle Gorham residents
It was loud enough to be able to hear above the sounds of the TV,” he said of the sound, which he said occurred at about 6 p.m.
The Angela Way resident said that a few minutes later, he heard another boom.
Janet Koller said, “It was just a loud, explosion-like sound,” she said. “We saw nothing. It was dark by then. … It was hard to even tell what direction it came from. It shook the house.”
Don DeSmith, chief deputy with the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office. He said they received several calls from residents in the area.”

By the way Jamestown, NY and Gorham, NY are over 100 miles away from each other.

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Here a map so you can see:

The point…

Booms and shaking at nearly the exact same time reported over 100 miles away from each other!
So this wasn’t a localized event!

Not Tannerite! Or winds sounds or any other BS cover story we’re being given!


“Booms & Shakes” Media reports are geological! New Madrid diagonal pull uptick proven! Cover up exposed! USGS owned!

The ridiculous “official causes” were just getting out of hand and I decided to do my own work to see what’s really going on.

Most of the recent increasing “Booms and shakes” have occurred in Eastern USA so that’s where I focused on.

Turns out all the Booms are in fact geological and it’s clear there’s a connection to the New Madrid. This video:

Booms, houses shaking.. Media reports for Indiana, Utah/Wyoming, Massachusetts & ongoing in South Carolina! (Jan 8th)

Media report videos complied in this video:

Booms & shaking reported by News in Ohio and New York (Jan 13th)

Well it continues…


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