Newly-Released Surveillance Video Shows Police Officers Brutally Beating, Suffocating, and Tasing Kelly Thomas to Death

Via Carlos Miller at Photography is Not a Crimecomes the news that the Orange County DA finally released security footage of the brutal beating death of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas, a homeless man from Fullerton, California.

Two police officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, are now on trial for the killing of Thomas, who suffered from schizophrenia. Cops used their fists and batons to beat Thomas. They Tasered him multiple times. Cause of death was apparently“mechanical suppression of the thorax.”

Besides eventually screaming for his father, a former police officer himself, Thomas also repeatedly yells that he can’t breathe in the video below.

Altercation starts at about 15 minutes in. Watch with extreme caution. It’s the last conscious minutes of a man’s life and it defies description.

Reason has previously covered this case, including on how cameras played a vital role in making sure Thomas’ death was not ignored.

Here’s the after picture of his face, if you can stomach it.

Fucking hell. Why is it that every single week there is another story about US cops beating someone or in this case killing someone. It is times like this that makes me glad I live in the UK. Out police force are by no means perfect, but if something like this happened they would be locked up for a long time, and the story would be covered and scrutinised in the media for ages.

For example this happened in 2009, where the police officer hit the guy and he fell to the ground and later died. It was in the media for weeks, and people were questioning police training and conduct. He wasn’t initially charged, but they reopened the case and I believe the trial opens in June for the police officer. The thing is, that was just a guy hitting someone. These cops who killed Kelly Thomas fucking beat him to death. He was lying in a pool of his own blood and none of them gave a shit about it. They will probably walk free as well, which is ridiculous.

I keep hearing about US cops shooting people because they ‘suspected they had a weapon’ or beating someone till they are in a coma. The old man who was tasered in his own home. That guy who was tied up and pepper sprayed to death. The old guy carving a piece of wood with a knife who was shot without any investigation or negotiation by the officer.

What the hell is wrong with your country? Why does the general public and the media allow this shit to happen on a weekly basis? How can you trust these people to enforce the law when they break it more frequently than the damn criminals they are trying to stop?



– littlesteelo