News Anchor completely Loses it on Air over the best possible reason


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  • Max_1

    Obama: “Ahhh… what bully pulpit?”

    • 1TrueOne55

      We should change the symbolism of the Pulpit. It’s a disgrace to all pastors that stand behind a Pulpit to preach the message of Love and Hope of a future life with God. For the future it should remove the word Bully and insert your favorite term for whichever Party is in Power.

  • James Woroble Jr

    Its refreshing to see someone react as an actual human being, in the face of debauchery and corruption, unlike the typical emotionally and intellectually neutered drones that populate our institutions. But nevertheless, he’s a ‘tweaker’ like all the rest. Like the rest, he proposes a tweak solution (2% Infrastructure Bank) to a problem that is systemic, historically cyclical (see Kondratiev) and whose only actual hope of resolve is in the form of total destruction followed by total reconstruction.