News Anchor loses it, says Congress is bought!

You’d call this guy crazy if he weren’t brilliant, concise and 100% right-on-the-money.


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  • Ken

    When are people going to wake up to the nasty JEW? There are very good reasons why the JEW has had to be thrown out of 109 territories around the World. Eradicate the Jew Bankers, Jew Marxists and Jew Anti Christs to save our Nation and Culture.

    • James Woroble Jr

      What the hell did you drink? A ‘Big balls & righteous truth’ cocktail? :-)

      Regards, Ken

  • roycerson

    LMAO – Obama gives exemptions to the teamsters lead by James P. Hoffa and he’s the guy you want to get rid of corruption?

  • Lboly

    He’s not so very smart. . .The office of the president is bought as well, R or D. Politics is the diversionary arm of the financial system.

  • KoolAid

    America is oppressing the World and Israel controls America, which means that it is a JEW World Order – not a “New” World Order.

  • john q public

    Read the Protocols of Zion. Read the Talmud. The Jews run, control and own everything. They own Congress, the Senate, the Judges, The President and his entire cabinet. They own all the banks. All the media. All the “alternative media”. Don’t you dare fucking say I am racist or an anti-semite. I merely tell the truth. I am not a jew hater. I AM A JEW EXPOSER. We are careening towards a Jew World Order. Wake up. The country is done. America is over. We are in Amerika now. If they suceed in disarming the USA, it will be like Russia all over again. Twenty million Russions were exterminated by the Jew Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. We are next.

  • Norton Kelly

    what the hell jews got to do with it ken, the top of the financial structure in america, which is basically running global economy isn’t run by jews, lol the elite are christian if anything but they worship power over anything, and thats what they have using the moneytry system for, to keep people in the perpetual pursuit of money, which in the end bounds us all in slavery,