News for 1/3: 2012 could be the year Germany lets the euro die

“Governments of the world’s leading economies have more than $7.6 trillion of debt maturing this year, with most facing a rise in borrowing costs.

Led by Japan’s $3 trillion and the U.S.’s $2.8 trillion, the amount coming due for the Group of Seven nations and Brazil, Russia, India and China is up from $7.4 trillion at this time last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Ten-year bond yields will be higher by year-end for at least seven of the countries, forecasts show.

Investors may demand higher compensation to lend to countries that struggle to finance increasing debt burdens as the global economy slows, surveys show.”

“General Electric Co. and Ally Financial Inc. lead U.S companies that have $620 billion of bonds and loans coming due in 2012 as borrowing costs start to rise from record lows with the economy strengthening.

GE, the world’s largest maker of jet engines, faces $78.7 billion of notes maturing in 2012, the most of any U.S. company, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Detroit-based Ally has $11.7 billion that needs to be repaid, the largest requirement of any speculative-grade issuer. Borrowers must refinance $498 billion of debt in 2013 and $505 billion in 2014, Bloomberg data show.”

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