News for 1/3/2011

by Saxplayer00o1

  • Just headlines:

Greece in Talks with commercial banks on Extending Debt Repayment:

Brown Faces a Reckoning in California as $28 Billion Gap Shadows Inaugural

Illinois Has Days to Plug $13 Billion Deficit That Took Years to Produce

Medicaid cost crisis looms for Bay State (Massachusetts)

Tennessee, Georgia face big budget hurdles

Goolsbee Says Failure to Raise US Debt Ceiling Would Be `Catastrophic’

With deficit looming, Dayton becomes governor (Minnesota)

State budget deficit threatens tuition increase (Ohio)

Canadian provinces’ combined deficit hits $26.6 billion (“20-fold increase from two years ago.”)

Gov. Cuomo: 900 layoffs stick; end tax on wealthy (New York) and Cuomo Plans 1-Year Pay Freeze for State Workers

Hard choices ahead for Medicaid (Iowa….Editorial)

Texas social services chief blunt on severity of cutbacks on children, elderly

Underemployed at 17% Shows Small Business Gain With Part-Timers

Birmingham school district faces $30 million deficit in FY 2012

State’s budget deficit presents difficulties (Missouri)

Westchester Official Vows To Watch Every Dollar ($160 million deficit)

New Conn. governor and lawmakers face fiscal woes

Serious, high-cost issues loom in 2011 for Asheville area (North Carolina)

Rick Scott worries Florida’s pension fund is in even worse shape than we know

NY county budgets reveal painful times

Tax hike possible, Gray says (D.C.)

Lawmakers Return to Springfield; Tax Hike Possible

Bank of America Sees $2 Billion Charge on Home Loans

Royal Mail ‘may be forced to sell’ (UK)