News: We need MORE “TRUTHERS”, and fewer Spinners

We need MORE “TRUTHERS”, and fewer Spinners

“Every news reporter should be a Truther,” says Ben Swann.

SWANN has won many awards

Benjamin “Ben” Swann (born 17 July 1978) is an award-winning television reporter who has worked in New Mexico, Texas and Ohio.[1] While at Fox19 in Cincinnati, Ohio, he produced a fact-checking series entitled Reality Check, which gave him national coverage for his reporting about controversial issues. Swann announced he was leaving Fox19 at the end of May 2013,[2] and on 30 May, he said he would launch a crowdsource funded “Truth in Media Project” to continue production of his show Full Disclosure through a Chicago production team

wiki :

We should call it: “the Blow Dry News”
(Or maybe the “blow lie” news – since they are trying to blow something where-the-sun-dont-shine.)

– since so many of the MSM newscasters have “big hair”

Even Bill O’Reilly admits that they are lying:




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  • lifeofliberty

    No truth found here. Just hypsters and hucksters trying to sell gold and other useless crap.

    Go down and read the authors this site continues to promote.

    Idiots, fools, morons, couch potato ‘experts’ and wannabe economic ninja’s, none have a CLUE on what to really do to take care of themselves.