News: We need MORE “TRUTHERS”, and fewer Spinners

We need MORE “TRUTHERS”, and fewer Spinners

“Every news reporter should be a Truther,” says Ben Swann.

SWANN has won many awards

Benjamin “Ben” Swann (born 17 July 1978) is an award-winning television reporter who has worked in New Mexico, Texas and Ohio.[1] While at Fox19 in Cincinnati, Ohio, he produced a fact-checking series entitled Reality Check, which gave him national coverage for his reporting about controversial issues. Swann announced he was leaving Fox19 at the end of May 2013,[2] and on 30 May, he said he would launch a crowdsource funded “Truth in Media Project” to continue production of his show Full Disclosure through a Chicago production team

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We should call it: “the Blow Dry News”
(Or maybe the “blow lie” news – since they are trying to blow something where-the-sun-dont-shine.)

– since so many of the MSM newscasters have “big hair”

Even Bill O’Reilly admits that they are lying: