Nigel Farage: Back In The EUSSR

from dailybail:

Great work.  Countdown to EUSSR in 3,2,1…

What the Nobel Peace Prize means to Europe.

“The Eurozone is now in a very dark place; economically, socially, politically, and I fear that the countries trapped inside it will be there for many years to come.”

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Nigel Farage is leader of the UK Independent Party

Video features:

The Nobel Peace Scam Trio: Council President Herman Van Rompuy, Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and European Parliament President Martin Schulz (but many spell it as ‘Schultz’ in honour of Hogan’s Heroes).

Also participating:

The angry, debt-enslaved people of Greece and Spain, together with the minion state thugs obeying the Troika diktat through the channels of their puppet governments.


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