Nigel Farage on “wholesale, violent revolution” in Europe… “When the next phase of the disaster comes, they will come for you”

Nigel Farage spoke at the Sovereign Man: Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile, on March 30 – April 1, 2013.


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  • hvaiallverden

    N. Farage, is a clever person, and have so far been exact and on track, but there is one litle but, he is a fullblown ZioNasi, and thats a pitty, to prostitute him self to belife system that is downright Murderous and plain Evil.

    His partys politics are in line with the Khanaistic insane belife, and the ZioNasi rethoric popps up imidiatly, regading the Midle Eastern World.
    No, and there by, for Me, he is a dead fish. Not even wurth to consider, and have thereby no credibility nor morale to back his drivel about Israel, No matter what he says about the EU.

    He is a new breed of Media politicians, the ones that highlight a narrow part of their agende,an agenda that seems right and just, but this PR methodic and agenda is hidding their real policy, in the Party he leads, read what THEY say.
    He is like the Jobniks in Hungary, controlled oposition, all runn and founded, by the Zionists/mossad.

    I dont truts that person for a splitt second, all thoe he is well conversed and true, in a litle window of the political realms, but the rest is something totaly different and he rearly speaks of their Partys agenda and policy.



      These “Zionist” and or “Jews” must be formidable wizards, or at least the true master race. Those supermen, with powers, and abilities far beyond ordinary humans manage to control the world, while they comprise only 0.2% if the population. They must indeed by God’s chosen people to be so powerful.