NKorea Rockets ‘Ready To Hit US Bases’! UN-HINGED: KIM TO BOMB DC, LA — AND AUSTIN, TEXAS? HAGEL: Have To Take Threat Seriously! Russia Warns US That Korea Situation Could Spiral Out Of Control

All out for a general offensive to achieve the prosperity of the

great Kim Il Sung’s nation, Kim Jong Il’s Korea!

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North Korea’s leader has told rocket units to be on standby for an attack on US bases, according to state media.

The country’s KCNA news agency said Kim Jong-Un had signed off on the order to train sights on American bases in South Korea and the Pacific after a midnight meeting with top generals.

The move was followed by reports of increased activity at North Korea’s mid to long-range missile sites, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.


North Korea has revealed its plans to strike targets in Hawaii and the continental United States in photos taken in Kim Jong-un’s military command centre.

The photos appeared in the state-run Rodong newspaper and were apparently taken at an “emergency meeting” early on Friday morning. They show Kim signing the order for North Korea’s strategic rocket forces to be on standby to fire at US targets, the paper said, with large-scale maps and diagrams in the background.


“In a photo published in the Korea Worker’s Party (KWP) paper the Rodong, plans for a strike on the U.S. mainland are clearly –and therefore probably deliberately– visible. The newspaper is widely distributed in cities, and often displayed in public places for easy viewing…”


HAGEL: Have To Take Threat Seriously


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Russia Warns US That Korea Situation Could Spiral Out Of Control

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explicitly warned the U.S. against any increased military activity near the Demiilitarized Zone, saying the situation could spiral out of control.