No Gold For You: Germany Asks US Fed Reserve For Its Gold And Told To Go Pound Sand (Video)

(Before It’s News)


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  • Peter Sullivan

    Absolutely shocking, a bank which creates $ from nothing not being forthright about gold they’re holding for others…say it’s not so!

  • Marschall Clark

    Merkel is just an American stooge. A protoge of that big time American stooge, Helmet Kohl. She does very little for Germany. But the truth is coming out. The WHOLE truth. That everything has been one big lie for the last 100 years.,But thats just my opinion! By the way, the FED is not an American government institution.They are a defacto seperate country. The American government has no control over the FED, an Rothchilds central bank.

  • Daruka

    Merkel is a worthless khunt. Germans should be ashamed. Thats what you get for kissing Americas butt since 1945.

  • Daruka

    If I were German landlord of some of some of those Amerinazis still stationed there I would triple their rent,

  • Daruka

    This is what happens when you trust JEWS.

  • Daruka

    Come on Germans, grow some balls, the whole world is behind you this time.

  • Nick Weller

    Hey Germany, the JEWS have stolen your gold!!

  • BellsNwhistles

    The theft of everything started with the theft of Palestine, soon they will want what ever you have.

  • Occams

    Ummmmmm….Is anyone surprised?

    Does anyone think the US actually has ANY gold?

    Well, maybe the government of the US, Goldman/Sachs…….