No refusal DUI checkpoints all over COLUMBUS OHIO.

They just had it on the news. There are 4 checkpoints circling Columbus complete with dirty judges signing roadside warrants and retarded brownshirts carrying out their orders. Look, I’m of the opinion that anyone caught drinking and driving should be shot posthaste, but this is not the way to catch them. God damn it. This was fine when it was some f*cked up state like Oregon or Georgia – but OHIO!? God f*cking damn it man.

Just in case you’ve forgotten what that is;

6 OVI Checkpoints Announced For Central Ohio

CENTRAL OHIO –Law enforcement agencies have announced four OVI checkpoints to be held Friday night.

The first two checkpoints will be conducted on in the 4500 block of Refugee Road, east of Citizens Place from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Friday.

5 DUI Checkpoints To Be Held Across Central Ohio Friday Night