North Carolina: Trump 51%, Clinton 44% – Trump Winning 23% of Democrats, and +12 Independents…

The media is still gaslighting, ignoring empirical data and pretending not to notice the scope of what’s going on around them.  While trying to sell and retain a Clinton narrative around several key states.

Unfortunately for the MSM sunlight has broken through.  A local WRAL Poll (non national media poll with full pdf below) in North Carolina shows the scope of the lead for Team Trump:

north-carolina-poll-nov-1st(click to enlarge)

Trump thumbs up

Donald Trump is winning 51% to 44%, a seven point lead.  That seven points is important because CTH and FLEPOREBLOG reached the same conclusion independent of this just released polling result.

We have been predicting a 7% (or larger) win in North Carolina for several weeks now.  That win is approximately three times the scope of the win by Romney in 2012.  That win is part of the Monster Vote impact.

In addition to the 51/44 topline.  You’ll notice 23% of North Carolina Democrats are voting for Donald Trump, and the lead with independent voters is 51/39 (+12 for Trump).


Here’s the full analytics:


We are winning.  Use this data to give a morale boost to your friends and family who might not be inoculated to the MSM gaslighting.  However, do not get complacent.  We must behave as if we are 3 points behind.  Get everyone out to the voting booths.  Continue to push hard….

Vote Bigly