NORTH KOREA Has SUPER EMP Weapon that can knock out ENTIRE Continental U.S.

Super-EMP Warhead–Nation Killer

The Obama administration and its allies in the press also want us to believe that North Korea’s current “nuclear devices” are not a real threat because of their low explosive yield, only a few kilotons. Supposedly, North Korea after 20 years and three nuclear tests is still struggling to make a crude first generation atomic bomb.

In fact, almost certainly, North Korea now possesses a highly advanced third generation nuclear warhead that could destroy the United States with a single blow.

North Korea’s nuclear tests in 2006, 2009, and recently in 2013 were all low yield. Some reports claim the 2013 test might have been as much as 10 kilotons, but the official position of the National Director of Intelligence, Lt. General James Clapper, is that the 2013 test too yielded only “several kilotons.” This is not much. In contrast, the primitive U.S. Little Boy bomb that destroyed Hiroshima had a yield of 10-15 kilotons. In the 1970s, a Princeton physics student named Aristotle Phillips proved that even he could design, as a college project, a nuclear weapon like Little Boy, an experiment he described in his 1978 book Mushroom. Does North Korea not have a library card?

Independently of the Congressional EMP Commission, South Korean military intelligence several times warned their government, in stories reported in South Korean press, that Russians are in North Korea helping them develop a Super-EMP nuclear warhead. In response, the South Korean government launched projects to harden their military communications and other critical infrastructures.


Without elaborating, the Korean People’s Army Supreme Command warned of “surgical strikes” meant to unify the divided Korean Peninsula and of an indigenous, “precision nuclear striking tool.” The statement came amid reports that Washington and North Korean ally Beijing have approved a draft of a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for sanctions in response to North Korea’s Feb. 12 nuclear test. The draft is expected to be circulated at the U.N. this week.


Russia carries out its ‘biggest nuclear army drill in two decades’

  • Russian nuclear forces tested transport of strategic and tactical weapons
  • The Pentagon has said that the tests were just ‘routine’
  • But the exercise comes as the US Defense could face further budget cuts

Russia has conducted an exercise designed to test the transport of nuclear weapons near Europe, according to US officials.

The drill was the largest of its kind in two decades and was carried out as part of larger military drills last month.

It is said to have sparked concern inside the Pentagon and US European Command but a Defence spokesman played the incident down.