North Korea’s nuclear threat is a distraction: ‘US amasses nukes in Asia-Pacific to target China, Russia’

An analyst says China recognizes that the US is using North Korea’s belligerence to build up its military presence as a direct nuclear threat against China.

In the background of this there has been frightening escalation of rhetoric and threats from both North Korea and the US in the Korean peninsula. The US military build up in the area includes a chemical weapons battalion sent to South Korea and B-2 nuclear capable bombers as well as F-22 stealth fighter jets that have participated in drills in the area. North Korea has reacted to this provocation saying a nuclear war with the United States could start at any time. The US is also undertaking military drills with the Philippines and Japan has openly condemned North Korea’s threats without saying anything about the provocative escalation of US actions.

Press TV has interviewed Mike Billington, Executive Intelligence review, Leesburg about this issue.


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  • Greg Burton

    Well, of course it’s a distraction, silly!

    What do you think would happen if the so-called “war on terror”, pretexted by the 9/11 false-flag attacks, ended? People would then have the time to think, put things together, and then would start clamoring for investigations into who was REALLY behind 9/11, the serial wars of pillage meant to subordinate the planet to fiat banking, the drone and mercenary police-state continuation of government plan put in place by the Iran-Contra guys (Cheney/Rumsfeld/North), a plan that would have dissenters rounded up and placed in FEMA camps for orderly disposal; the wars in Africa, central Asia and the middle-east that were never supposed to be won: wars that destroyed America, its economy, military, and magically elevated Israel into the dominant world power, the nation-state actor and extension of the central bank operating out of the City of London; the drug and banking cartel that engineered the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams that impoverished the world, leaving the elite sitting on trillions of dollars in their off-shore bank accounts!

    Nope, give people enough breathing room, and they’d just take the planet back. Without false-flag terrorism, war, this small racist, satanic, cabal would be exposed for the trash that they are…So, gotta blow it up, kill billions of folks via a concocted war, then from the rubble, the “elite” will emerge from their D.U.M.B.s, with their specially preserve DNA blood-line, repopulate the planet with their own special kind of people, and rewrite history any way they want.

    • Kit Holz

      Every day an American dies – the World comes closer to peace.

  • Kit Holz

    We are happy to die – if the World is freed from US/Jewish trash. May be only a small group will survive, but with all the Jewish/American scum gone – the World will be a better place.