Norway decriminalizes use of drugs!

Norway chooses to model drug policy on Portugal’s legislation. Use of drugs will no longer be punishable by law, but instead counted as a health issue. One more win for common sense!


The use of drugs should no longer be punished, but treated. The majority in Parliament now makes a historic restructuring of the Norwegian drug policy, and will transfer the responsibility from justice to health.

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– The parliamentary majority will stop to punish the people who are struggling, but instead give them help and treatment, ” says Nicolas Wilkinson, the socialist left helsepolitiske spokesman in Parliament.

It is the party Ap, Right, A and Left behind the change. Wilkinson says there is a marching to the government to start the work to move the first-line reaction against the abusers of the substance from the courtroom to the health care system.

The US taking similar steps would likely be the best move they could make in the interest of reducing crime, in all categories.

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