Nouriel Roubini & Peter Schiff & Marc Faber: We’re On The Verge of A Bubble Bigger Than 2007, It’s Going To Hit The Fan During Obama’s Second Term, Revolution or Significant Social Upheaval Inevitable.

ROUBINI: ‘Short-Term Bullish, Long-Term Catastrophe’

NYU economist Nouriel Roubini – known to many by his nickname, “Dr. Doom” – is getting bullish.

Roubini has been pretty negative over the past few months, despite the rally in asset prices and a general turn in sentiment toward the economy and markets on the Street.

Now, it seems like Roubini is finally coming around to the consensus view. In a way.

Coincidentally, his latest interview – with Yahoo! Finance’s Aaron Task – comes hot on the heels of the biggest sell-off this year, and as Task notes, people like Dennis Gartman are now rushing for the sidelines.

The bottom line for Roubini: “The outcome of it could be a credit bubble that’s bigger than the one we had in 2007.”


Peter Schiff: It’s Going To Hit The Fan During Obama’s Second Term – 2/18/2013

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Marc Faber: This Is How The Great Money Printing Experiment Will End

KWN: “Now will it just trigger a correction or a more serious bear market in asset prices?  Who knows?  Once this happens, since most of the economic activity was supported by the rise in asset markets, I suppose they will print more money, and again have larger deficits.

I think for a system to change without revolution or significant social upheaval is very difficult.  Frequently, if there is a revolution or a reform, it gets rather worse than any better.  So usually major changes occur as a consequence of trends that have prevailed which are unsustainable in the long-run, that have created huge damage, and then occasionally changes do occur.  But it can take a long time.”


Another Tweet from Jim Rickards

#Fed will ease for yrs. But bursting bubbles make job harder. So they let a little air out of the market. That’s all FOMC about. #HeadFake



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