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Now watch the moment mom and sister abandoned one-year-old in shopping trolley after being busted for shoplifting in Walmart

  • Allison Niemeyer, 19, and sister Laura, 22, allegedly tried to steal $60-worth of goods from the Walmart in Ocala, Florida
  • As security guard confronts them they flee, leaving the baby behind
  • They were arrested two days later at a nearby night club
  • Both were charged with felony child neglect as well as other offences


This is the shocking moment a mother and her sister abandon her baby after a supermarket security guard confront them for shoplifting.

Freshly released CCTV catches Allison Niemeyer, 19, and her 22-year-old sister Laura casually walking out of the Walmart in Ocala, Florida, pushing the innocent one-year-old in a shopping trolley.

What the grainy footage does not show is the $60-worth of stolen goods, including men’s white undershirts, a bathing suit and four women’s shirts, allegedly stuffed into a diaper bag in the trolley’s hold.

But as an eagle-eyed security guard attempts to apprehend the sisters, Allison swiftly passes her child to her sister and flees apparently without a second thought.

Laura instantly follows suit leaving the baby alone in the supermarket’s foyer.

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