NSA CAN SPY ON 75% OF ALL NET TRAFFIC, ‘Retains content of emails between US citizens, domestic phone calls made via Internet’

NSA surveillance reach broader than publicly acknowledged

The National Security Agency’s surveillance network has the capacity to spy on 75 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

Citing current and former NSA officials for the 75 percent figure, the paper reported that the agency can observe more of Americans’ online communications than officials have publicly acknowledged.

The NSA’s system of programs that filter communications, achieved with the help of telecommunications companies, is designed to look for communications that either start or end abroad, or happen to pass through the U.S. between foreign countries. However, the officials told the Journal that the system’s reach is so broad, that it is more likely that purely domestic communications will be intercepted as a byproduct of the hunt for foreign ones.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/08/21/nsa-surveillance-reach-broader-than-publicly-acknowledged/#ixzz2cbaaIkCe

‘Retains content of emails between US citizens, domestic phone calls made via Internet’

New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach

Programs Cover 75% of Nation’s Traffic, Can Snare Emails

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Homeland Security tests face-scanning BOSS — the Biometric Optical Surveillance System

The Department of Homeland Security tested a crowd-scanning project called the Biometric Optical Surveillance System — or BOSS — last fall after two years  of government-financed development. Although the system is not ready for use, researchers say they are making significant advances. That alarms privacy advocates, who say that now is the time for the government to establish oversight rules and limits on how it will someday be used.

There have been stabs for over a decade at building a system that would help match faces in a crowd with names on a watch list — whether in searching for terrorism suspects at high-profile events like a presidential inaugural parade, looking for criminal fugitives in places like Times Square or identifying card cheats in crowded casinos.


How The NSA Scours 75% Of The Nation’s Internet Traffic – In One Chart





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