NSA In The UK – NSA’s Largest Data Mining Computer Center!

The NSA have their biggest outpost with a huge multi-billion dollar DATACENTRE that processes and tracks all data in and our of Europe and the middle east….

It’s called RAF Menwith Hill…

They took delivery of the first ever IBM MainFrame computer back in the 50’s-60’s to listen to telephone calls!


Since 2008 they’ve been building a huge DATECENTRE there to support the NSA’s PRISM program and have over 1000 US government workers that come over here to Menwith Hill on 1-3 year contracts.

Check it all out…


Back in the 90’s people use to protect about the STAR WARS program that we now know is called Echelon….


The study describes the programme, called Project Phoenix, as “one of the largest and most sophisticated high technology programmes carried out anywhere in the UK over the last 10 years”. Work on it has been reserved for US-based arms corporations including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, and their personnel with high-level security clearance, it notes.

Though the base is officially called RAF Menwith Hill, most of the staff there are US employees of the NSA. The total number of people working there is due to increase from 1,800 last year (of whom 400 were British) to 2,500 in 2015.

The costs to Britain of servicing Menwith Hill, like other American bases in Britain, are confidential under cost-sharing arrangements between the UK and the US. The total cost of the equipment at the base, and running it, is classified.

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However, official figures released in the US show that this year the NSA is spending $68m (£43m) just on a generator plant to provide power for new supercomputers at the base.

That’s just insane! I work in I.T and the fact they are spending £43 on just a generator plant in case the power fails shows there is a serious amount of Computer Servers/Storage there! This is definitely a PRISM data center!


This place is definitely the wasps nest of PRISM….

“Menwith Hill is the jewel in the crooked crown of a global electronic spy network run by the United States to support its military power projection.”


” Four main areas of activity have been priortised at the base.

First is traditional signals intelligence work, which was used in the first Gulf war, for example, to identify Iraqi communications headquarters prior to military strikes.

Second, commercial spying such as the interception of tenders for international contracts by European and British-based companies, the details of which are passed on to US-based corporations for commercial advantage.

Third, Menwith Hill has responsibility for the Space-Based Infrared Satellites programme which is intended to provide early warning of missile launches and trajectories as part of a global anti-ballistic missile system initiated by George W Bush and enthusiastically endorsed by the Obama administraton,

Last, and most significantly, a multibillion-dollar investment programme codenamed Project Phoenix has taken place at Menwith Hill over the last 10 years to support new forms of US warfare. “



Biff Tannen


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