Nuclear weapons confirmed only 90 miles off the coast of Florida!

This isn’t “Breaking”, but so few people have noticed or acknowledged it, it’s time to bring it to the forefront of American thinking.

North Korean nukes. Iranian nukes. The argument against the nuclear threat from both of these countries is never “do they want to nuke us?”, it is “they don’t have delivery systems that can reach the continental US, so they can’t nuke us”.

But what if there was a Communist nuclear weapon facility only 90 miles off the coast of America?

Well, there is.

As Russians Re-Install Nuclear Weapons Threat in Cuba…Obama Continues to Be Wrapped Up In His Own Version of Reality

Russia to revive army bases in three oceans

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Quote from Putin from the above article (read this carefully):

The only response to this could be an asymmetric expansion of the Russian military presence abroad, particularly in Cuba. In Cuba, there are convenient bays for our reconnaissance and warships, a network of the so-called “jump airfields.” With the full consent of the Cuban leadership, on May 11 of this year (2012), our country has not only resumed work in the electronic center of Lourdes, but also placed the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles “Oak” on the island. They did not want to do it the amicable way, now let them deal with this,” Putin said.


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