NZ Elections – September – Winston Peters is New Zealand’s only solution to: Reduced immigration; Banning of racially designated seats; Anti-Globabilist and Welfare behaviour.

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Contesting parties and candidates[edit]

Political parties registered with the Electoral Commission on Writ Day can contest the general election as a party. Each such party can submit a party list to contest the party vote, and can have a party election-expenses limit in addition to limits on individual candidates’ campaigns. As of 6 March 2017, fourteen political parties are registered and can contend the general election.[32]

PartyLeader(s)IdeologyLast election
 % party voteSeats
NationalBill EnglishConservatism; Classical liberalism47.0460
LabourAndrew LittleSocial democracy25.1332
GreenJames Shaw / Metiria TureiGreen politics10.7014
NZ FirstWinston PetersConservatism; Nationalism; Populism8.6611
M?oriTe Ururoa Flavell / Marama FoxIndigenous rights1.322
ACTDavid SeymourClassical liberalism; Libertarianism; Conservatism0.691
United FuturePeter DunneSocial liberalism; Centrism0.221
ConservativeLeighton BakerConservatism; Fiscal conservatism; Social conservatism3.99
InternetSuzie DawsonCollaborative e-democracy; Internet freedom; Privacy; Copyright reform1.42
ManaHone HarawiraTino rangatiratanga; Socialism; M?ori rights1.42
Legalise CannabisJeff LyeCannabis legalisation0.46
Ban 1080Mike Downard / Bill WallaceOpposition to 1080 poison0.21
DemocratsStephnie de RuyterSocial Credit; Economic democracy; Left-wing nationalism0.07
OpportunitiesGareth MorganBig tent; Radical centrism; Environmentalism; Geolibertarianismnot founded,_2017


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