Oath Keepers Founder Gives Speech To 3,000 NY Gun Owners; Sets April 19th Deadline For Public Servants To Choose Sides… So It Begins!!!

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes gave a fiery speech to approximately 3,000 New York gun owners, urging them to refuse to comply to the “SAFE Act,” to refuse to disarm, to nullify at every level.

He also urged them to make sure their county was a “Molon Labe” county, asking them “is your county a ‘come and take it’ county, or is it a‘bend over and take it’ county? Which is it?! Find out now!”

He told them to make sure all the gun owners and veterans in their county are ready to stand up, and will commit to refuse to comply, and then go to the sheriff and the police chief of their town and put them on notice that they are expected to choose sides.

He told the crowd to use April 19, 2013, the upcoming anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concord, in 1775, as the deadline for their sheriff, police chiefs [and all other oath sworn public servants] to choose sides – “are they patriots, or are they redcoats?”


New York Safe Act proving controversial to HV gun owners


This should go viral !!!!




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  • ghetto man

    The music in the background sucks!!!! I can hardly here what the speaker is saying. DON’T PUT MUSIC IN THE BACK GROUND UNLESS YOU HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

  • Your Website is Garbage

    Your website should be fined every effing time you abuse the “!” key, you’d be fined out of existence in 20 seconds. Your website is sensationalist garbage, do you take headline tips from Graham Summers over at Phoenix Capital “Research” ?