Obama administration lifts veil off Medicare hospital pricing – “Your heart attack bill: $3,300 in Arkansas, $92,000 in California”

“When it comes to health care, the biggest of the big data are all about Medicare.

So, it’s kind of a BIG deal when the government releases what individual hospitals charge Medicare — and what they actually get paid — for the most common diagnoses and treatments.”



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CNN article header reads “Your heart attack bill: $3,300 in Arkansas, $92,000 in California”

For example, the average bill for treatment for a heart attack without major complications at a hospital in Danville, Ark., was $3,334. Across the country in Modesto, Calif., the same diagnosis incurred an average bill of $92,057.

Even within the same region, costs can run to opposite extremes. HHS pointed out that the bills submitted for treating heart failure with some complications ranges from a low of $21,000 to a high of $46,000 in Denver, Colo., and from a low of $9,000 to a high of $51,000 in Jackson, Mississippi.


How Much Hospitals Charge For the Same Procedures

You can type your zip code into this link from the NY Times





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