Discussed in this interview:
*Government Shutdown, all “Theater” – (1:45)
*Obamacare to be Defunded? – (14:10)
*Difference Between the Republican and Democrat Parties? – (22:05)
*Events that might Trigger War or Financial Collapse – (33:12)
*Debt Ceiling Raised Till Debt Implodes; China to Take U.S. Land for Debt? – (36:00)

Ann Barnhardt, a convert to traditional Roman Catholicism, originally from the Kansas City area, graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in animal husbandry and agricultural economics and worked for 15 years as a commercial hedge broker, helping farmers and ranchers use the futures and options markets to forward contract and hedge their livestock and grain production, with the final six of those years being at the helm of her own Independent Introducing brokerage, Barnhardt Capital Management. After the MF Global theft she voluntarily shuttered Barnhardt Capital Management knowing that her clients’ funds were in a state of clear and present danger of theft on the clearinghouse level with no protection, defense or legal recourse. She publicly declared a federal tax strike shortly thereafter and is now operating as a voice of counter-revolution off the so-called “grid”. Ann considers the United States to be formally overthrown and thus legally non-existent, instead replaced by a neo-Stalinist tyranny. Find Ann Barnhardt online: http://Barnhardt.biz


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  • laura m.

    Amm B. your a smart gal. why haven’t you ditched the Catholic church like others I know have? All 501c3 churches are gov. shills, pol correct muzzled gelding leaders, kow towing to IRS agenda. Ditto Protestants, exit them now folks. They are all pushing NWO agendas all riddled with lawsuits, scandals, etc. money pits anyway. They will be cast out at judgement (Matt:7) Patriots have home churches, or stary non registered churches.

    • Barn Cat

      The Catholic Church is the largest cult in the history of the world. We’re not saved by infant baptism and obedience to man made rules. We’re saved by faith alone in Christ alone guided by the Bible alone.

    • Barn Cat

      It’s really ignorant to say that all churches are gov. shills. I wonder where some people get their “information”.

      • laura m.

        Barn cat, etc: I said the 501c3 churches/hierarchies/seminaries/ were phony, not all churches; there are unregistered churches and home assemblies that are not shackled to the 501c3 agenda and can speak/preach freely, warning their flock of gov corruption. They’re few in number and growing every day like home schools. I don’t trust in denominational labels either. See Dave Daubenmire’s website and Chuck Baldwin’s, they opened my eyes long ago, also post on News with Views , exposing shackled gov. controlled money pit, do nothing churches/social clubs. (excuse the typo’s in former post) They write clearly..this is not rocket science, warn others NWO controls educ., church nat. assoc., main media, Hollywood, etc etc.

  • usmcmailman

    Come and take my land you Gookers! I have something for you!

  • Anonymous

    You are a dumb cunt, it’s not the people that are forgetting what they have done. Even when they are caught and reported no one in the DOJ or Congress will do a damn thing. Quit blaming the people and get off your ass and try to do something.

    • elaina

      She is doing something. Informing people. What are you doing besides being foul mouthed?

  • David

    Such language, do you think it helps your cause anonymous by slandering in such a fashion? I would submit she is doing a lot more than those of us commenting on her

  • MI49080

    wow anonymous, why don’t you go to her website and read up on what she has done before you call her names and tell her to “do something”. I am willing to bet you wouldn’t go as far as she has to live honestly and not bow to establishment. By the way, does your mommy know you skipped school today?

  • Donna

    wow, positively explosive information, one smart lady…