Obama Knows That The USA Dollar Will Collapse in 2014 – Thus the USA Will Collapse in 2014 and FEMA/DHS is Preparing – The Only Hope to Delay Collapse is War – Here we Explain Exactly Why the Dollar Will Collapse in 2014

Well its’ been re-hashed, … as long as the US Petro-Dollar is secure the FED-RES [ Bernanke ] can be the sole buyer… of the USA t-bond which is how the Government pay’s its bills every month, by that we’re talking about welfare checks, food-stamps, and cop payroll and pension.

The chinese & russians even if they wanted to DUMP all 2-3+ Trillion dollars they are sitting on [ trade balance that china/russia are holding and need to liquidate ASAP ] it’s going to take 5-15 years [clock started 2007], which is why china bought 1,000 tons of gold this past year, they’re trying to move their US-PAPER (toilet paper ) to Gold, e.g. real money ASAP.

But the rhetorical question here ‘WHO’ will buy in the future, is already known, as the sole buyer this past year has been the FED-RES, nobody human at least on this planet has bought anything issued by the US Government for a long time.

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All of us are simply waiting for the Petro-Dollar to die, then everything collapses because Federal Reserve Notes will be worthless then USA will collapse, because there will be no food-stamps that have value to import food.

The main reason for the Syrian War is to force Qatar/Saudi to keep selling their OIL for USD, because EUROPE would rather buy that OIL delivered by GAZPROM and pay EUROS

The USA is f*cked, …

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