Obama Living it Up Like the Super Rich

by Martin Armstrong

Obama Super Yacht

The Democrats blast CEOs and the Super Rich always demonizing them for elections. They look at their perks and compare them to the average worker to incite class warfare for every election. However, the Super Rich have nothing on politicians. They can create foundations for tax free living like the Clintons, or rent yachts like Obama for the lavish lifestyle.

Unbeknownst to most, the president of United States gets all these perks and more or private jets that CEOs of multinational companies, but the exception is he doesn’t have to pay taxes on these benefits AT ALL. So while the protesters demand Trump’s tax returns, they turn a blind eye to politicians living large at government expense. Even ABC News quoted: “Some accountability needs to be put in place. We won’t have them kicking sand in the face of taxpayers any longer.”


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    • cold340t

      Yep, Trump has played more Golf in His first 100 days then ANY President prior to him! As Bushjr. would say:”Now watch this swing!”, ” Mission Accomplished!”

      • collette.robert@yahoo.com

        Why do all the bastards play golf? It’s the only place they can be sure that they’re not bugged.

  • cold340t

    Gee whiz, the First Black President in USA History is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Just like EVERY President before him. Oh, the horror, how dare he! Whats NEW about a Former President enjoying a good life after the White House? Oh, sorry I forgot this makes him the “Typical Greedy/Upitty Black Guy”. Bushjr./Cheney/Trump rake in Billions directly from Trumps War Policies and Obama is the problem! Racism, making America Great again?!
    By the way Trump has spent 1minute out of every 5minutes in office On Vacation already. And at that rate, the total cost of His Vacation/Golf time at Mar Lago. Will surpass the $90 million spent on Obama’s Vacations over 8yrs. Barely half way through his One Term. But, but, but Obama……….thats Obama’s fault too! Right?!

  • collette.robert@yahoo.com

    Obama was never a Democrat, he was always a CIA puppet like the Clinton’s and everyone else in a position of power in Washington. A gay president with a transgender “wife” and borrowed kids–perfect for a brainwashed and poisoned populace.